Interview Check List

Okay, so the day of your interview is approaching, and you’ve got that horrible feeling in your stomach. You can either swallow an entire bottle of Tums, or you can use the following checklist to make sure you are so well-prepared that your nerves completely go away (well, almost completely).

Paint Memorable Stories

  • The Story of You
  • The Story of Your Greatest Strength
  • The Story of Your Weakness
  • The Story of Your Last Job
  • Additional stories about your experiences, especially those that show critical thinking

Do Your Research

  • Understand Their Objective
  • Memorize the Basics
  • Get Familiar with Who’s Who
  • Define Their Customer
  • Investigate Their Competitors
  • Find Out Their Reputation

Be the Solution to Their Problem

  • Know How To Solve Their Pain
  • Be a Great Person
  • Know Your Strategy

Confirm Your Appointment

  • Know How You’re Getting There
  • Find Out Who Will Interview You
  • Anticipate Their Questions
  • Prepare Questions For Your Interviewer
  • Know What Questions NOT to Ask

Things To Bring With You

  • Your Confidence
  • Your Sense of Humor
  • The Address and Phone Number
  • Money For Transit Or Parking
  • Pad and Paper
  • Business Card
  • Résumé
  • Reference Sheet
  • Work Examples (if applicable)
  • A “Memorable Moment”
  • Your Conversation Starters
Carry A Paintbrush

Carry A Paintbrush

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