John Baker – Moontoast

I attended the Susanne Goldstien’s “Me, Inc.”: How to Land the Perfect Job at a Start-up presentation tonight at the Harvard Innovation Lab and was so highly-impressed with the content that I bought her book during the presentation.

The content was fresh, interesting and empirically based–distilled from her 25 years of work across 7 industries. Currently working for a start-up, I can attest that her “Be Aspirin”, “Learn to be compelling”, and “The Sweet Spot” concepts especially relevant to the start-up culture. While free, I would happily pay for this presentation.

— John Baker – Moontoast

NetworkingNOW! event at Harvard

Thank you for the tremendous energy and treasury of ideas you shared with us during the Networking event yesterday.  I particularly appreciated your elegant communicating and coaching us on three-part stories.   I’ll dig into your book this weekend for more.  Thank you!

Nick Miller, President, Clarity Advantage


— NetworkingNOW! event at Harvard

Kremena, student at MassArt

Listening to your stories made everything seem more real. People talk about doing this networking thing but it seems so abstract. Listening to you made me feel like I could do it too!

— Kremena, student at MassArt

Carly Sanker, student at MassArt

Thanks Susanne! Today I learn that I could do a lot more with my interests than I had ever thought! Thanks for helping me broaden my horizons.

— Carly Sanker, student at MassArt