Carry a Paintbrush:: An easy read–creative, positive and inspiring

Posted on April 23, 2011 by Susanne

I enjoyed reading Susanne Goldstein’s Carry a Paintbrush: How to be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career. It’s an easy read–creative, positive and inspiring. I am impressed that the motivation for this book was the urging of Goldstein’s many satisfied and successful clients, whom she has helped in her work as career coach. The narrative puts the job seeker in control, but never loses touch with real-life situations. Her examples are many, drawing from her vast professional and personal experience.

But more than that, Carry a Paintbrush is uplifting, at a time when job applicants have too ofteh known rejection. Even not getting a job is interpreted positively: as a “dress rehearsal” for the right one.

I highly recommend Goldstein’s book to those of any age seeking to find, advance or change a career.

By Freelancer
5 Stars