David Gergen

In this charming book, Susanne Goldstein argues compellingly that the opportunities of a lifetime are not given, but created — and, with an artist’s eye, sketches out helpful ways to create them.  Susanne writes with warmth and imagination, sharing insight from a life fully lived.

— David Gergen

Marc Cosentino

Anything but paint by numbers! Susanne Goldstein’s book “Carry a Paintbrush” is a wonderfully inspiring read. The question isn’t whether the advice is solid; it’s whether you have the courage to follow your dreams. Goldstein gives you confidence to do just that. You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t.

— Marc Cosentino

Dwayne Spradlin

Susanne Goldstein’s book is a timely and good read.  The powerful artist imagery gives a sense of empowerment to readers.  It is true that the very nature of work is different in the new economy, and you DO need your own sense of purpose and a meaningful personal brand.  The guidance and tips in this book are motivational and on the mark.  Well done!

— Dwayne Spradlin

Billy Shore

Once you begin Carry a Paintbrush you won’t want to put it, or your Paintbrush down. Both open possibilities to the life you may have always imagined for yourself, but may not have known how to achieve. Susanne Goldstein can teach it because she has lived it. At a time when the future and how we fit in it seems more confusing than ever, along comes this very practical volume that combines personal wisdom and professional experience to paint an irresistibly inviting portrait of the career success that awaits you.

— Billy Shore