Claim Your Career!

Okay, so where to start?

This is going to sound all self-help-y, but the first step in developing your inner Career Artist, is to believe. Believe that you are the owner of your career, and that you have the ability and power to make choices and decisions that will allow you to be most happy and successful. By making this claim, by owning this belief, you can stop being a victim of the job market, stop paying attention to family pressures, and begin figuring out who you want to be in the world.

Claiming your career requires that you have to have some belief that the Carry a Paintbrush system will work for you. This is no easy task. So many of us have been programmed to do a certain thing, think a certain way, and follow a certain career path.

It’s no surprise that entertainers have children who are entertainers, doctors beget doctors, jewelers raise the next generation of jewelers, and so on. Kids grow up around their parents and their work. What they are exposed to, what they learn about, is what they see their parents doing.

Make the Pledge

But for you to have a successful and fulfilling working life, you need to be doing the kinds of things you want to do, not what everyone else wants do to do.  The first step, is making the Pledge to Claim Your Career As Your Own



Carry A Paintbrush

Carry A Paintbrush

How to Be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career

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