This is the ultimate take-control-of-your career book…

At first blush, I was skeptical. Let’s face it, the shelves at bookstores are full of career coaching books. It seems like anyone who has found some small measure of success wants to preach to others about their secrets for standing out, making money, finding fame, etc.

This book is different. For starters, it is engaging from the outset. You feel like the author is sitting in the room, sharing her story with you and explaining what it meant to her and what it might mean for you to think differently about your career. Another aspect of the book that differentiates it from the others is how it weaves macro-advice about how to think about the larger issues about your career, your goals in life, etc., with very specific suggestions that can immediately be incorporated into how you communicate with your current or potential employer through email.

What I found especially useful, was that the author drew not just on her own personal experiences, which might have limited applicability to those of us who are not pursuing careers in the theater or Hollywood or social media, but also on the people who have come to her for advice over the years. She gives just enough background on each of these “case studies” for you to feel that you understand and maybe even identify with their predicaments. And then she shares with the readers how she went about facilitating that person’s turn-around. In my mind, this gives the book more credibility than if she just told us what could be done. Instead, these insights are field-tested.

One of the hidden jewels of this book is the questions that she asks the people who come to her. Indeed, I found it helpful to ask myself those very questions about what I want to get out of my career.

Overall, an excellent book. Highly recommend.

By “Reader of History”
5 Stars


Susanne Goldstein is articulate, witty and at times poignant.

Carry a Paintbrush is not just another tool to add to your toolbox. Instead, it is a clear prescription that will guide you in taking deliberate action toward creating a fulfilling and successful career. You will learn to uncover your strengths as an individual, your true motivations and your underlying passions. Susanne Goldstein is articulate, witty and at times poignant. She makes you want to get started and develop your own action plan.

5 Stars


A must read

This book is a must-read for anyone just getting out of school and looking for a first job, for people who unexpectedly lost their job and find themselves searching and for those changing careers or trying to break into a new field. Susanne Goldstein bases her book on her own extensive experience and creative yet very workable approach to designing the career of her dreams. Her strategies and tools are hands-on, brilliantly simple, fun – and most importantly: they work. I learned a lot from her book!

by K.Werner
5 Stars

Create a personal brand! The Career Artist is an excellent guide!,

The life we build for ourselves (our reputation, our career, the jobs we have, etc ) is a reflection of who we are. Nothing more, nothing less, no excuses accepted. Susanne Goldstein draws on her very successful and eclectic career to offer frameworks that help us answer core questions related to happiness in work and increased creativity in life.

This is a great book with very clear directions and empowering, creative exercises. It speaks to the “soon-to-graduate-where-is-my-life-going” young person, as well as to the older “mid-career-in-transition-confused-about-what-new–direction-to-take”.

The best part of all is that the techniques she describes in the book apply to many areas of one’s life. Are you waiting to be picked by an employer, a movie producer, a new business partner? Learn how to do the picking yourself. Are you a bit awkward about networking? Learn how to network “by fives” (ask five people for five minutes of their time). Are you at that point where you simply and plainly can’t move forward? There is a delightful exercise that works with passions, interests and capabilities to help one move into a place of personal power.

“Carry a Paint Brush” is for anyone looking to express their essence creatively (or who wants to learn “how to” create a personal brand), and for anyone who wants to make loads of money since they are having so much fun in the process! Susanne is also a very good friend. She is one of those who take her own advice and live life to the fullest.

Ligia Buzan
5 Stars