Results Directly After Reading! Great, effective book

“This is a fantastic book. It’s an easy read and you find yourself riveted by it – I finished it within two days. “Carry a Paintbrush” was instrumental in my finding a new job that is what I WANT to do. In this economy, the job market it tough, but the confidence and positive attitude that this book gave me (that I could do what I love and get paid for it too) pushed me to work the market differently, and the next week I was called for two interviews and the week after that I was offered both jobs. The real-life examples of successful implementation of techniques and the tasks suggested throughout the book for hands-on people are so useful and motivating. I’ve recommended this book to almost everyone I talk to since I’ve read it, and I have posted it on Facebook and anywhere else I can tell people what a great, effective book this is. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience, Susanne Goldstein!”

By Natasha
5 Stars


The Ultimate Career Guidebook

This is the Frommer’s of career transition guidebooks. Follow the brilliant advice methodically doled out by Susanne Goldstein – who clearly knows what she’s talking about, she broke into Hollywood in a mere 6 weeks for Pete’s sake – and your life will never be the same.

Carry a Paintbrush hits #1 on Amazon

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As good as it gets

I’ve never been a buyer, much less a fan, of the publishing genre known as self-help. Whatever the specific topics addressed, these books generally strike me as bogus in content, pandering in attitude, annoyingly full of feel-good platitudes and strategies that ultimately prove to be anything but helpful. It was only after hearing several people I know, and know to be discerning readers, give high marks to “Carry A Paintbrush” that my curiosity got the better of me. So I broke down and bought a copy, fully expecting the usual disappointing claptrap. But those expectations were (happily) dashed once I began reading–and found myself riveted, page after page. Susanne Goldstein has produced a pithy, witty, supremely savvy, and invaluable tutorial on…well, on far more than just finding a job. “Carry A Paintbrush” is about identifying and shaping the career of your dreams, the one that utilizes your particular skills and talents in the course of working at what you love–and getting paid for it, too.

by Courtney Farrell
5 Stars

Carry a Paintbrush:: An easy read–creative, positive and inspiring

I enjoyed reading Susanne Goldstein’s Carry a Paintbrush: How to be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career. It’s an easy read–creative, positive and inspiring. I am impressed that the motivation for this book was the urging of Goldstein’s many satisfied and successful clients, whom she has helped in her work as career coach. The narrative puts the job seeker in control, but never loses touch with real-life situations. Her examples are many, drawing from her vast professional and personal experience.

But more than that, Carry a Paintbrush is uplifting, at a time when job applicants have too ofteh known rejection. Even not getting a job is interpreted positively: as a “dress rehearsal” for the right one.

I highly recommend Goldstein’s book to those of any age seeking to find, advance or change a career.

By Freelancer
5 Stars