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Tracy Solomon supports Susanne’s philosphy on

With the debt ceiling discussions over and the stock market being so unstable, writer Tracy Solomon featured Susanne’s article “If the Stock Market is So Up Why are the Job So Down?” in her article “Finding a long-term career in today’s unstable economy”.

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Susanne on Larry Olson’s The J.O.B. Radio Show

The J.O.B. Radio Show airs Sunday Nights at 5pm on 960am locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Created and hosted by Larry Olson the show centers around anything and everything having to do with your career: finding a new job; getting more out of your current work experience; your health and retirement benefits; managing your boss; handling bitter co-workers; work/life balance.

You can hear the interview below or visit Working Radio.

SKIP to MINUTE 28 to hear Susanne on air.

Sacramento Bee recommends “Carry a Paintbrush”

Allen Pierleoni of the Sacramento Bee has put Carry a Paintbrush on his summer recommended list.

You can check it out in the “On their own” section online or on Page 3D of the July 18, 2011 paper.


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7 Job Tips for Grads by Susanne for the CS Monitor

This article first appeared at on May 13, 2011

The job data might seem rosier, but finding a job is harder than ever – especially for the nearly 2 million college students who will have graduated this year. Newly minted college graduates are up against experienced mid-career professionals who are also out there searching. Use these seven career tips to change your job search into a job offer.

1. Claim Your Career as Your Own

2. Know who you are and what you have to offer

3. Say goodbye to ‘um,’ ‘ah,’ and LOL

4. Reverse engineer the job market

5. Find ‘in’ people – and build lasting relationships

6. Network by 5s

7. Be the solution to your interviewer’s problems

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