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How To: Land a Job After The Great Recession

Susanne shares 10 tips on how to find a job in this difficult economy in her AOL piece: 10 Tricks to Landing a Job After the Great Recession.
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Where Are All The Jobs?

Susanne explains why jobs are created not found in her AOL piece Where the Jobs Really Are.

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Do You Have Determination?

Determination can make a difference in the success of your job search. When Susanne moved to London, she was determined to get a job the National Theatre of Great Britain. In Mildred Culp’s WorkWise Blog Tip: Determination Can Make the Difference, Susanne tells the story about her “eight day miracle”.

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Paint a Doorway to your Future Career

Blogger Nancy Christie of the “Make a Change Blog” invited Susanne to share her career and life insights on how to “Paint a doorway” to your future career.

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How Does the Stock Market affect the Job Market?

Susanne gives her take on what is happening on Wall Street and how it effects the current job market in her article If the Stock Market Is So Up, Why Are Jobs So Down?

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