Living the Paintbrush

The Other Day at Kung Fu

Posted on March 21, 2011 by Susanne

I went to the Kung Fu studio on Friday in need of a good workout. The night before I had pressed “Send,” and Carry a Paintbrush soared through the ether on its way to the printer. That night I didn’t sleep well, and the next day figured a good session of Kung Fu sparring was going to do me a world of good.

I met Sebastian, a master’s student in writing at Boston College, when I first started practicing Kung Fu. In the Fall of 2010 when I began writing the book , I enlisted Sebastian (and his plentiful talent) to intern with me on the project. The deal was that I was going to pay him a little cash and a lot of coaching as compensation for helping me with researching and editing parts of the book.