Career Collaborators

We all know someone. People all over who are looking to find their first job, or get back into the job market after a layoff, time off or career transition. Luckily there are lots of people, organizations and associations that want to help.

Carry a Paintbrush, the book, the website, and Susanne Goldstein, Career Development expert, are ready to help all of these “career collaborators” assist their constituents along this sometimes challenging journey. Here’s how we can help.

Corporations & Sponsors

How can we help job seekers better prepare for the road ahead? By sponsoring Carry a Paintbrush events, outreach and workshops, we can help both internal and external recruiting efforts.

Academic Institutions

You’ve done a great job preparing some of the smartest minds for the future. Now, how can you best enable them to go out and get the job they’ve always wanted. Learn more about how we can help.

HR Professionals

Are you a human resource professional looking for well-prepared, outstanding candidates? Learn more about how we can help.

Outplacement Firms

As an outplacement professional, you are dealing with folks who are at the uncomfortable transition point in their lives. Here’s how we at Carry a Paintbrush can help you help them.


If you’re a parent with a child who is facing the challenge of stepping into a difficult job marketing, click here to learn how we can help you help your child fulfill their dreams.