Raffle Winners Announced!

Posted on March 29, 2011 by Susanne

The results of the March 23rd raffle are in, and I’m very excited to offer free coaching sessions to the winners (or the recipient of their choice)!

The winners are:

Peter DeLong
Andrew Muff
Beatrice Kiraso

I will be in touch with the winners directly. Thanks to everyone for your support. And of course if you are interested in getting in touch with me about my career coaching services, please write me here.

To learn about how the winners were selected, read below:

On March 23rd, I held a raffle in association with pre-ordering Carry a Paintbrush on Amazon.com. Three winners were to be drawn at random to win a one-hour coaching session each.

Based on email and Facebook submissions, names were entered into an excel spreadsheet and randomized. We then applied a random number generator (see image) and associated the winning numbers with the rows in the excel spread sheet. The winning numbers are 27,3 and 5 as seen in the random number generator image above. The winners were those with names in the 27th, 3rd and 5th rows.