Grads: 10 Tips for Surviving Your Job Search

Posted on May 08, 2012 by Susanne

Times are tough for the 2 million students pouring into the job market this year. Despite new reports that Baby Boomers are retiring at record numbers, there still aren’t enough entry-level jobs to go around. What to do? Here’s a survival guide for grads on how to land that hard-to-find first job.

1. Stop Listening

You heard me. Stop listening. Not to everyone. But stop listening to the jobs numbers. Every pundit on the planet is analyzing and over analyzing every tick in the number of jobs lost, jobs created, number of new applications for unemployment, whether those numbers are going up or down… Who cares? You shouldn’t. So don’t listen.

Companies actually are still hiring. It’s just that the way they’re doing the hiring has changed. You’ve probably seen this. Perhaps you’ve got a friend who’s landed a job working for her boyfriend’s uncle. Or, a cousin who’s now working for his former summer camp counselor. The truth… Read more on