Create Your Personal Career Brand

What the heck is a Personal Career Brand?

Take a moment and think about what kind of car you drive. Or if you don’t drive a car, what kind you would like to drive if you could have one?

What adjectives or characteristics do you associate with your car? Safe? Well-engineered? Versatile? Eco-friendly? Pure driving fun?

Car companies spend gazillions of dollars crafting the brands of the cars they sell. Looking for safety? Buy a Volvo. Superior engineering? Audi. Versatile? How ‘bout a Ford minivan? Want to save the planet? You better drive a Toyota Prius. And of course, BMWs want you to know they are the “ultimate driving machine.”

When we decide to purchase a car, we consciously or sub-consciously have certain attributes in mind that will make the car “feel like me.” Outdoorsy types and dog owners love Subarus so much that the company has made dog mats a standard feature for all Subaru models.

Have you ever sat in a car and it just made you feel good? That is exactly the point of the gobs of time and money that the car companies pour into brand development, brand marketing, and advertising.

You are no different.

No, you are not a car. But as you go out and try to “sell” yourself to future employers, it couldn’t hurt to know exactly what your own Personal Career Brand (PCB) is, and how you can, like the car companies have done, get people to buy into your brand.

The 7 Core Components of Your Personal Career Brand

A Personal Career Brand is made up of 7 core components that describe your individual career wants and needs. Knowing these components (and how to package them) are essential in getting people to buy you! They are:

Passions: Passions are things that you crave to do, things you want to work on, and things you want to change. When you’re passionate about something, you have boundless enthusiasm, infinite energy, and you never tire from it.

Interests: Interests are topics that keep you engaged and curious. Whether you’re fascinated by science or the history of ancient civilizations, when you align your work with things that Interest you, you’re bound to stay engaged longer.

Skills: Skills are things that you have acquired that enable you to do something well.

Contribution Style: Your Contribution Style describes the role that you like to play in the workplace. Are you an Individual Contributor, a Leader. Discovering this important part of your working self allows you to understand the types of jobs that are right for you.

Size of Stage: Do you want to be a big fish in a small pond? A small fish in a big pond? A big fish in a big pond? Understanding the Size of Stage You Want to Play On will help you get clear about the kind of career you want to have.

What to get out of the job: Some people live to work and others work to live. Knowing what you want to get out of your working life will really help you decide which work opportunities are right for you.

Special Sauce: Discovering and developing your Special Sauce will help make your story complete. It comes in many flavors and uniquely describes you.

The process of developing your Personal Career Brand starts with identifying the sweet spot where your Passions, Interests and Skills intersect.


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