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What if your career life were yours to paint? What if, by simply carrying an imaginary Bucket of Paint and a Paintbrush, you could paint yourself into any situation?

The Paintbrush, according to respected “Career” Artist Susanne Goldstein, is the only tool you’ll need to Paint Doorways into the career and job you’ve always wanted.

Even in the most challenging and impenetrable job markets, Goldstein’s Paintbrush methodology works, because it takes the focus off of going after jobs, and places it on harnessing good luck, developing relationships with “in” people, and knowing how to convert luck into reality.

Goldstein uses stories (including how she broke into Hollywood in six weeks), frameworks, techniques and exercises that urge readers to upend the way they think about their working lives.

Carrying a Paintbrush will help readers:

  • Identify the sweet spot where their passions, interest and skills intersect
  • Learn to create opportunities where others see challenges
  • Meet and get support from influencers already in the field
  • Grow a valuable, effective and lifelong career network
  • Develop a unique and compelling personal story
  • Get Unstuck
Carry A Paintbrush:

Carry A Paintbrush:

How to Be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career

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